Stephanie and Leanne volunteer in South Africa

Stephanie and Leanne volunteer in South AfricaStephanie and Leanne volunteer in South Africa

Stephanie is a very special member of the Play Room team. She has been working at the Play Room for the past year and her passion, dedication and spirit makes her a joy to have in the store. Despite her daily challenges because of her intellectual disability, eye-sight and hearing difficulties, Stephanie is is not deterred from living her life to the full. Her true passion is caring for the big cats of this world – which are disappearing at an alarming rate. 

Stephanie has raised money to travel to South Africa to volunteer at the Global White Lion Protection Trust in Limpopo, South Africa. Stephanie needs support people to achieve her goals and this year accompanying Steph is her friend and Play Room colleague – Leanne. Together they’ll be volunteering for the month of September. As volunteers they will do things like dig water holes for the animals, patrol for snares on the 3 properties, monitor the lions twice a day at dusk and dawn, and much much more. They will also have the opportunity to visit the many schools which the trust supports to inspire young people to be environmentally aware and conscious of choices they make in the future. Through Stephanie’s efforts to raise donations they have taken 69Kg of supplies to give to local schools!

In Steph's own words "I am 22 years old. I have always loved big cats. I have some challenges, but that has not stopped me from striving to be the best that I can be. My passion is for the big cats of our world. I have always loved them. When I was little I would watch documentaries instead of cartoons. Mum and Dad promised to take me to South Africa when I turned 21. We went in 2013. It was the most amazing trip. Before we went, we started a fund raising conservation group called 'Stephanie's Big Cat Conservation Quest'. With the help of my family, friends and Rotary of Crawley we held many fund raisers and we donated just over $3500 to the Global White Lion Protection Trust of Timbavatti, South Africa. Our goal was $20,000. Aim for the moon, and if you fall short you will still be a star. (We will get better at it). This year myself and a few others are going to volunteer at the trust. Hands on helping. I'm excited."

To support Stephanie in her journey you can make a donation and make a difference in her life and the majestic creatures she so loves.

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