Art & Craft Toys For Their Artistic Flair

Arts and crafts are an amazing way to get kids using their imagination and creativity to bring forth their very own masterpieces into the world. And while it’s important to find toys that are appropriate to their age and development, it’s just as important to find the right arts and crafts toys and materials that will help your child’s creativity soar. Below, we’ve listed a great range of arts and crafts toys for your child to enjoy!

Djeco - Colouring Surprises Too Cute Join The Dots

Colouring in books is a great way to get your child’s artistic side to develop. With this colouring in book, your child can join the dots, helping them get a better understanding of the sequence of numbers, and once the dots have been joined, they can unleash their creativity and use their chosen colours to fill in the images!

4M - Mould & Paint Sea Life

Your kid will love making their own aquatic friends as magnets! With 6 mould designs and a paint strip for your child to paint to their heart’s desire, watch them enjoy creating these assorted ocean and sea-life creatures with their own hands.

4M - Doll Making Kit Princess

4M - Doll Making Kit Princess

A princess doll friend is easy to make with this doll making kit, no needles or stitching needed! With a soft body doll, yarn hair, accessories, and even a birth certificate, your child will love creating their very own royal friend. 

ORB - Morph Atomic Tangerine, Ultra Pink, or Electric Purple

ORB - Morph Atomic Tangerine

Flip, fold, fluff - this super fun sensory sensation does it all. It keeps its shape, builds into the coolest objects, bounces, and even floats. Your child will love the endless possibilities that the Morph gives them, with its millions of mini-spheres that are filled with air.

4M - Solar System Mobile Making Kit

4M - Solar System Mobile Making Kit

Does your child love looking up at the stars? They’ll love making and hanging their own Solar System mobile, which glows and revolves in the dark. In this kit you’ll get a squeeze to draw glow paint, stencils, cardboard Solar System planets, and all you need to hang this mobile.

B Dot - Ivory Table & Mint Chair Set

B Dot - Ivory Table & Mint Chair Set


Little kids with little hands need the right tools to create, and what’s better than kid-sized furniture to provide them with the right space to discover and master? This multi-purpose set not only provides a space for arts and crafts, but gives them a surface for tea time, too!

Edvantage - Chalk Dustless Coloured - Box of 100

When drawing with chalk, it’s important to get dustless chalk to minimise the risk of dust particles in the air, or messy little hands! With bright colours, they’ll love seeing their drawings on the blackboard!

4M - Cross Stitch Kit

Cross stitch is a fun hobby to get into that develops your hand eye coordination. With a kit that helps teach your child how to create a butterfly out of cross stitch, they’ll get hours of fun and focus with this kit!

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