Bring Back The Outdoor Play Days

Sun, fun, and friends. That’s how most of us remember our own childhoods. The days of coming outdoors to meet up with our pals, or running outside to enjoy the warmth of the sun on our backs as we play in the backyard, or in the community playground, are memories that we all look back on with fondness. From bikes, trampolines, sandpits, to monkey bars, there’s a lot of kids used to do outdoors to not only play, but also make lasting friendships, and explore their community, too.

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Nowadays, with the advancements of modern technology, more and more kids have become more interested in staying home with their devices. With tablets, mobile phones, video game consoles and the like, it can be easy to see why most kids of today can find entertainment without going outside. However, all this screen time isn’t that healthy for children - and it’s important to put in place reasonable limits for device use.

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Studies have shown that kids who spend most of their time on devices become less engaged with their real-world environment, reducing their brain’s development because they are sensory-deprived. Communication and social skills can also suffer from hours of screen time, as well as increasing risks of weight-gain and sleep deprivation. So while devices can be helpful in a pinch, it’s important to encourage your kids to go out and play, too. This will not only boost their motor skills, but will also help them develop their social skills, too.

And what better way to play outdoors than with a stylish ride that helps you zip and zoom to where you want to go? Micro scooters are amazing kick scooters for both kids and adults. Built with high-quality materials such as premium polyurethane wheels, aluminium, rubber end plugs to protect from injuries, and so much more, micro scooters are a great way to encourage your child to enjoy the great outdoors with their friends.

Maxi Mini Micro Scooters Perth

Stylish, and available in a range of sizes for small to big kids alike, these scooters are innovatively made to ensure smooth rides, easy handling, and portability, too. Check out the maxi micro scooter, available in a range of colours, for a three-wheeled scooter that will help your 5-12 year old child develop their balance and coordination while having fun.

Micro Scooters Perth

Kids will love darting around in their Perth micro scooter, and you’ll be surprised just how safe, sturdy, and easy to use these scooters are. And, if you’re wanting to join in on the fun, there are micro scooters available for adults too, which means that you too can bring back the outdoor play days with your kids, and get them excited not only to play outside, but help you to spend quality bonding time with them, too. 

Curious where to get the widest range of micro scooters in Perth? At The Play Room, you’ll have a great variety of choices, so you can find the best suited, high quality scooter for your child to have exciting adventures within a style.

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