Compare Toy Kitchen Set Options

Nowadays, children have a wide range of options when it comes to toy kitchen sets. Whether you’ve got curious tots eager to grasp new concepts, or you’ve got fun-filled toddlers who love imaginative play, toy kitchen sets are an amazing way to help guide learning in play while also encouraging creativity and innovation. Below, some amazing kids toys kitchen set options for you to choose from!

Classic World

Deluxe Wooden Pink Kitchen

Deluxe Wooden Pink Kitchen

With this delightfully pink wooden kitchen, your whiz chef gets pots, pans, utensils, as well as a refrigerator, microwave and stove to whip up any dish that they desire. With an all wood construction and simple assembly, as well as a large amount of cupboard space for storage, this is the perfect toy kitchen set for children three years old and above to explore and play in the kitchen.

Hape Toys

2-in-1 Kitchen and Grill Set

Hape - 2-in-1 Kitchen and Grill Set

Complete with metal accessories, this 2-in-1 Kitchen & Grill set will level up your child’s cooking roleplay, no matter what meal they want to make. With clicking, turnable knobs, and an adjustable clock, children aged three years old and above will love cooking up a storm with Hape wooden toys.

All-In-1 Wooden Kitchen

Hape - All-In-1 Wooden Kitchen

After a toy kitchen with all the bells and whistles? This best of the best, All-In-1 Wooden Kitchen mesmerises with charming appliances and features that will help your child cook their best masterpieces. With a controllable range hood lamp, and an authentic microwave sound, you’ll find your child enjoying hours upon hours of imaginative play with Hape wooden toy kitchen set.

Sylvanian Families

Kitchen, Stove, Sink and Counter Set

Kitchen, Stove, Sink and Counter Set

Does your child love playing in natural, gorgeous worlds? The Sylvanian Families world may appeal to your curious kid and help encourage their imagination. The Kitchen, Stove, Sink and Counter Set is the perfect addition to any Sylvanian Families home, with all the kitchen accessories and appliances your child will need to cook up a hearty family meal. With a kitchen stove, sink & counter, baking trays, pot and cooking board, you’ve even got some yummy tomato and spinach to make up a great meal. What’s more, the layout is changeable, meaning your child has the freedom to make the kitchen space however they like, complimenting the rest of the home. This toy kitchen set is great for kids three years and above, and who love to play with the Sylvanian Families world.


Large Retro Grocery Store

Vilac - Large Retro Grocery Store

After something a little different? Vilac offers a charming Large Retro Grocery Store with unique accessories that help your child to set up shop and start selling fresh fruits, vegetables, and boxed goods. Level up your kid’s roleplaying and help them set up their own grocery store, made from wood and with 30 different parts and accessories. Best for kids three years old and above, you’ll love seeing your child’s imagination soar!

If you’re after amazing toy kitchens, that are not only durable and hard-wearing, but also appeal visually to the children, The Play Room offers a wide range of kitchen toys to keep the fun going.

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