Fantasy Worlds With Playmobil Toys

When it comes to finding toys that help your child explore their imagination and play in worlds of wonder, it’s hard to go wrong with Playmobil toys. Playmobil was created to develop toys that are specifically focused on the learning and mental development of children all around the world. With each Playmobil toy, you’ll find your child’s imagination and creativity stimulated and encouraged, so that each play experience is not only fun and enjoyable, but also beneficial to their learning and development. 

Playmobil offers a great range of fantasy worlds that are not only immersive, but also give your child the opportunity for pretend-play or roleplay, which has been scientifically proven to have great benefits for learning and socialisation. Being able to recreate exciting experiences in different miniature worlds provides lots of avenues for building and constructing play. Below, we list some of the fantasy worlds that your child can bring to life!


Does your child love firefighters? This playmobil world gives them the opportunity to respond to fire emergencies and make up scenarios with a fully functional station, like the Playmobil Fire Station with Alarm toy set. With functioning alarm sounds, a firefighter pole, and a hose tower with four fire hoses, your child can roleplay firefighting scenarios with everything that they need. And when it’s over, you can open the station’s garage doors, park your firetruck, and monitor calls from the station’s main control board. If your child is an amateur firefighter, this world will be perfect for them!

Playmobil - Ghostbusters Firehouse (9219)


For curious, adventurous children in search of treasure, the Playmobil Pirates world is a treasure trove of excitement and wonder. With sets that help your child explore their inner pirate, such as the Treasure Hideout set that includes a secret treasure of gold hidden inside the rocks, your child will learn through interactive and imaginative play within the Pirates world. Combine the Pirates sets for hours upon hours of fun and learning!

Playmobil - Pirates Raiders Ship (6678)


Something strange in your neighbourhood? Have a child who loves the Ghostbusters? Playmobil offers the Ghostbusters world that your child will surely love. With sets such as the Ghostbusters Firehouse, each set will provide hours of play and plenty of accessories for hunting ghosts. This specific set has a lab to mix up ghost-fighting mixtures in, a telephone to take ghostbusting calls for, and a firepole that leads to the garage as well as a Ghost Containment Unit for all the ghosts your child rounds up. With a detachable proton pack and proton laser, a ghost trap, and a PKE meter for measuring psychokinetic energy, this fantasy world from Playmobil is one your child will love!

Playmobil - Ghostbusters Firehouse (9219)

Playmobil’s fantasy worlds offer fun play and learning, no matter where your child’s imagination chooses to take them. From knights, pirates, firefighters, construction agents, and even Ghostbusters, there’s endless fun to be had with Playmobil toys. Take a look through Playmobil’s wide range of fantasy worlds at The Play Room, toy shops Perth, and help fuel your child’s imagination to the max!

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