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B Dot

B Dot - AB3's Wooden Stand

B.Toys' AB3's is a beautifully crafted alphabetic abacus!

You're never too young to enjoy a classic.

The wood is smooth and sturdy; the pictures are attractively illustrated, and the construction of the toy's stand is superb. The AB3's abacus sits neatly and conveniently on a sturdy and very well made stand that is connected, as if it were all one piece.

The letters are featured on one side of the spinning blocks. They are printed with the traditional 'learning to write' three lines paper printed in the background. On the opposite side is a picture that starts with the first letter on the opposite side. For example, the 'A' block features an apple on the flip side. Another wonderful twist about this abacus is that the numbers are printed on precious little people busts on the bottom.

Each little person is making a different expression, so not only can parents teach letters and numbers, but they can also introduce feelings and facial expressions.


18 Months +