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Bruder - JCB MIDI CX Backhoe Loader (02427)

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This JCB MIDI CX Backhoe Loader is made just like the real thing. The frontloading arm has a grip for steering and a locking mechanism in the upper position. The shovel has 2 positions for loading and unloading. The driver’s seat swivels to allow full operation of the backhoe. The backhoe has fold-down stabilizer legs, a loading arm that can excavate below ground level and is also detachable. The standard tractor coupling, which is included, can be mounted when the backhoe loading unit has been removed; this allows all trailers and farming equipment available to be used.


• The driver’s seat swivels 360 degrees.

• Detachable backhoe.

• Can excavate below ground level.

Dimensions: 16.2 x 4.8 x 6.6.

3 Years +