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Bruder - Liebherr Articulated Road Loader L 574 (02430)

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This Liebherr Articulated Road Loader L 574 by Bruder comes with Single rubber sculptured tires. The Front Wheel Loader bends in the middle for a smaller turning radius. The back wheels have independent suspension on this Leibherr Articulated Front Wheel Loader. The Small handle lifts front loader up and down and locks it in place. The other handle releases it and drops it down. And the hood opens up.

Steer clear of trouble! This tough construction vehicle has articulated steering, allowing it to make sharp turns and fit into small areas. The front loader can be raised or lowered with the attached handle, or locked into place when not in use. Other features include suspension for the rear wheels, a hood that opens to reveal the engine and tread tires.

3 Years +