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LEGO - Amusement Park Arcade (41127)

Mia is having fun playing the games in the Arcade-and she's getting better all the time! Help her catapult a basketball into the hoop, and when she's mastered that, turn to the water guns and see if you can knock down the targets. Finally, use the mallet to whack a frog as fast as possible. Mia's having so much fun she'll be here all day.

Features 3 classic funfair arcade games with special functions: a basketball hoop with lever launch, targets can be knocked over using the water projectile gun with trigger, and whackable frog that pops down and back up when hit with a mallet.

  • Accessory elements include an amusement park ticket, basketball and a mallet.
  • Includes a mia mini-doll figure in a summer outfit.
  • Take aim and push the trigger to launch the water gun projectiles and knock over the targets, use the mallet to whack the frog down as fast as it appears.
  • Amusement park arcade measures over 3" (9cm) high, 5" (15cm) wide and 3" (9cm) deep.
  • 6 Years +