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Osborne Park (08) 9242 2003

Barn with Silo


Playmobil, as they are wont to do, have included squillions of parts, figures and accessories with this set. There are cows in two different colour schemes, pigs, a rooster, birds, all manner of pens and farm tools, a gruff but lovable farmer, his wholesome wife and their slightly odd-looking son. Amazing.

Rounding out a truly marvellous set are the various operational gadgets. The silo can be filled and emptied, there's a working pulley, the doors open and close, the figures can grip the tools and so on. All of this means repeat play value.

This Playmobil 5119 Barn with Silo set features:
A milking machine
Hay bales
A working silo that can be filled and emptied
Solar panels on the roof
A working pulley to raise and lower farm supplies (like the sacks of feed)
Lots and lots and lots of animals

The farm barn is 74 x 41 x 26.5 cm (Lx W x H) and the silo 18 x 15 x 34 cm.
4 years +

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