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Schleich - Big Knight's Castle

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There is a spy inside the knight’s castle who has eavesdropped the weak spots and he will soon pass them on to his master.

Whenever someone sees the mighty castle of the Dragon Knights for the first time, they are amazed and intimidated by its enormous size. Behind the thick walls on the far side of the gnarled drawbridge looms a mighty watchtower from which observers can see far and wide. This is where the ferocious Dragon Knights live. Only a few men have also laid eyes on the Griffin Knights’ castle, but all those who have noticed that the two castles look similar. The Griffin Knights’ castle also stands majestically at the foot of a mountain and has strong walls and a huge watchtower. The difference is that a huge dragon flies around the first castle while a mighty griffin flies around the second − and the first castle is located amidst fiery volcanoes, while the second is located amidst ice-capped mountains.

3 Years +