Bloom Pops - Bow Pop Theme Pack

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“Create amazing glitter flower fashion accessories with Bloom Pops™. Take flower making to a new level, creating cool new kinds of flowers by picking your fabric flower petals, stacking them in any way you like and then pop them together with your Bloom Pop Maker! You can even name your own flower designs and decorate them with gorgeous gems! It’s as simple as pick stack pop!

Bling up your Bloom Pops™ with sticky gems and cute silicon charms.

Display your creations by using the sticky rings to place them on your walls and favourite stuff.”

Makes 2 complete Bloom Pops™

13 Fabric flower petals
12 Glitter flower petals
The Bloom Pop Maker
The Un-popper
2 Charm holders
2 Flower bases
2 Sticky rings
2 Link chains
6 Flower spacers
2 flower buttons
10 Sticky gems
2 Silicon charms


5 Years +

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