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Calafant - Easy Fun Spacecraft


Build and design your own worlds – let your imagination soar. This is the concept behind CALAFANT. All of their models promote creativity: arts and crafts, colouring and playing!

Whether it's a knight's castle, a fairy-tale palace, a pony farm or pirate ship, all of our models inspire fun, spooky and fantastic adventures. Let your fantasies become reality!

See the world from above in your Space Shuttle! Travel through the stars and discover new planets. Use other material such as foil to decorate your space shuttle and orange and yellow cellophane to look like the rocket fire! Top tip: use string or fishing line to turn your Space Shuttle into a hanging mobile - perfect for space-themed bedrooms! 

Size: approx. 25 to 30 cm

Includes coloured markers for decorating

4 Years +

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