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BuitenSpeel Toys

BuitenSpeel - Crocket Jr

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  • These happy little dogs will provide you with a fun-filled afternoon!
  • Players must then take it in turns to complete the course with the fewest hits of the ball, this classic game is a great way of getting your child outdoors and active in a fun and simple way. A fun game which the whole family will enjoy playing year on year. Since 2006 Buiten Speel have developed under Outside Play games and toys for all ages.
  • Our philosophy: play outside of all times and for all and ensures Active Outdoor Fun! Outdoor games means healthy kids – get them out and moving! Children who regularly play outside are more satisfied, eat better, sleep better and develop better. We find that Outdoor games then again must be made attractive. Our games and toys make the outdoors more enjoyable: from sporty to creative, from agile to smart, together with the family or individual, with our wide range has it all.
  • The products can be used everywhere: at home, in the garden, at school or on the beach
  • A set of two bats for a wide range of outdoor games.
  • Made from brightly coloured wood, making them visually stimulating for children.
  • 2 bats for different types of games.
  • A great way of including the whole family.
  • 3 Years+