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Le Toy Van

Le Toy Van - Doll Family 1

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This dapper Doll Family are very particular about the way they dress, making sure they always look smart and ready for the day ahead of them.

The mother wears a beautiful flower patterned skirt, a pink top and a pastel pink jacket with star applique. The father wears a neat pair of dungarees with a pastel blue undershirt. The little girl comes dressed in a pretty purple fairy skirt and matching jacket, with a star accessory in her hair, while the young boy wears a tidy chequered blue shirt with a pleasant pair of beige trousers.

Each doll is made from high quality wood with wired joints to enable flexible movement.

The whole Doll family can't wait to move into their new home, they've heard it's the best one around!

Doll Size: Mum and Dad approx. 13cm 

3 Years +