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Fantasy Castle Blocks


A creative set of 22 maple blocks with delightfully different patterns on each. Made from maple and water based paints.

Beautifully crafted Hape Fantasy Castle Blocks set will delight children with their colours, patterns and shapes. Safe for use with children as each block is painted with water based paints. Block Play encourages sharing and turn taking while developing dexterity and hand-eye co-ordination. Other concepts and benefits include a learning of spatial relationships, critical thinking an understanding of cause and effect. The Hape Fantasy Castle Block Set offers a multitude of learning possibilities.

Key benefits include, colour and shape recognition, fine motor development such as hand-eye co-ordination in the building action and mathematical concepts such as spatial awareness, cause and effect and problem solving skills. Suitable for use in the centre, classroom or home. Each block measures 5cm.

2 Years +

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