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Gotz - Hannah and Her Dog

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Hannah is a limited edition handcrafted doll made with the highest attention to quality requirements. Every GÖTZ handcrafted doll comes with a certificate of authentication and GÖTZ bracelet. Her accessories and interests make Hannah stand apart.

The Hannah range of 50 cm hard-bodied dolls celebrates lifestyle and interests with the following Hannahs in the range: Hannah Loves Horseriding, Hannah Ballerina, Hannah Loves Hairstyling, Hannah at the Design Studio and Hannah Princess.

Gotz Hannah dolls are totally made of sculptured vinyl, phthalate free with a turning head and limbs that swivel allowing the dolls to be posed in natural positions, enhancing the development of your child during role playing.

Her eyes are fixed and the eyelashes are tested to EN71 standards. Her hair is very easy to style and is especially durable. It can also be washed and dried with a hair dryer (not too hot of course) and even curled. Hair styling CD is also enclosed.

This Hannah comes with her own dog and handbag / carrier for her dog.

3 Years +