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Theatrix - Hippie Stick

Twirl this magical Hippie Stick and watch in wonder as it dances. Give it a whirl and be mesmerized as it takes on the luminescent quality of a fairy bubble as if Glinda the Good Witch has come to visit you. The glittering ribbons swirl up and down the magic stick, creating the optical illusion that they are taking solid form.

After playing with your wondrous Hippy Stick, simply glide the pieces to the top and give it a twirl before placing it safely in the clear protective case. This will ensure that the shimmering ribbons of your Hippie Stick don't become tangled.

The Hippie Stickmakes agreat novelty prize, wands for fairy-themed parties, and fantastic presents for young children. A single twirl can create a rainbow kaleidoscope between your very fingers.