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IQ Key Perfect 550


Build models for land and water.
20 models in 1.

IQ.KEY is an educational construction system consisting of clear capsules which may be connected to form various toys that can be static or moving suitable for land or water. 

The capsules usually have six hollow connectors pointing out, where a sleeve piece bridges between two capsules. The hollow connection pegs on a capsule can have electrical or rotary adapters inside, reaching into the next capsule. Depending on the set there are electric motor capsules, radio control capsules, gear capsules, switch capsules, pontoon capsules, and others; there are also battery holders, wheels, propellers, impellers, lights, wires, and other miscellaneous supporting pieces.

IQ.KEY is used in school science technology classes and to promote technical careers in engineering robotics and mechatronics.

12 Years +

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