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Kidz Labs Night Sky Kit


Did you know the Big Dipper isn't a constellation? That's right, it's an asterism which is just a part of a constellation, but is often more easily identifiable than the constellation itself. With this science kit by 4M Kidz Labs, future astronomers can create their very own starry sky right in their bedroom and learn about both constellations and asterisms! Invite your friends and family for the star show, they will be amazed.

This amazing educational toy contains projection domes of both Southern and Northern Hemispheres night sky. Just punch small holes on them, assemble and make projection with the lamp provided. Detailed instructions and a star chart of both Hemispheres are included. Bring the universe into your bedroom with this great astronomy science kit!.

Box Contents:

  • Night Sky Domes of Northern and Southern Hemispheres
  • 1 Lamp with switch
  • 4 X Dome supports
  • Strips of adhesive tape
  • Detailed instructions including star charts of both hemispheres


  • A fine point pencil (not included)
  • 4 X 1.5 V AA Batteries (not included)

8 Years +

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