Klorofil - Adventure Bus

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Come and let your child get Anna and Harry on board the Klorofil Adventure Bus by pushing the roof to make it go 'POP!' The Klorofil Adventure Bus can be pushed to tour the cute figures around for an adventure and can open its chest to store treasures and souvenirs that Anna and Harry might come across while they're exploring. The Klorofil The Adventure Bus also comes with a storybook that you and your child can read to let them learn more about the magical world of Klorofil!


  • The Klorofil The Adventure Bus includes:
    • 2 Characters from the Nocty family
    • 1 Bus
  • The bus can accommodate up to 6 Klorofil figures. Its chest opens up as storage for treasures.
  • Collect other Klorofil sets for extended fun.

3 Years +