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Knight's Tournament Compact Set (5168)


Celebrate 40 years of PLAYMOBIL with the Knight's Tournament Compact Set + Cannon Wagon. This adventure-ready compact set is jam-packed with imaginative fun and includes a special bonus set, in honor of PLAYMOBIL's 40th birthday!
Prepare for the joust by practicing with the training dummy. The weapon stand contains all sorts of medieval gear to help the knight protect the kingdom. When it's time for the competition, gallop into the arena on the royal stallion and greet the fans. After the tournament, protect the kingdom from foreign enemies with the bonus Cannon Wagon.
Transport the functioning cannon using the horse-drawn wagon and keep enemies at bay.
Compact set includes two figures, horse, training dummy, battle axes, armor, shield and other accessories. Bonus set includes one figure, horse, functioning cannon and more.

4 Years +

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