Spirograph - 3D Art

Spirograph - 3D Art

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Take your whirling spiro-tastic designs to a new dimension with the Spirograph 3D Kit from Kahootz. Use the Spirograph wheels, rings and rack to create colorful designs. Put on the 3D glasses and watch your designs POP off the paper. It's amazing what you can create.

You get everything you need to make endless dimensional Spirograph designs 7 Spirograph Precision Wheels, 1 Spirograph Precision Ring, 1 Spirograph Precision Rack, 21-oz of reusable Spiro-putty, 8 art markers, 3 fine point design markers, and a 16-page guide book. We've also included a 24-page 3D Graph Pad, a 24-page 3D Pattern Pad, 20 sheets of design paper, two 3D sticker sheets, 3D Spirograph Glasses and 1 Storage Tray.

Inspired by the design of the original Spirograph, this Super Spirograph Kit will keep your family entertained for years to come.

8 Years +