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Playmobil Stegosaurus set 5232.A lot of people write off dinosaurs either as mindless bloodthirsty killing machines or dim-witted lumbering simpletons. The truth is that many dinosaurs had rich interior lives, fascinating social mores, a vibrant foodie scene, and in many cases, a deep appreciation for the arts.

This set offers the chance to explore dino culture for yourself. It offers the chance to see Stegosaurus in his (actually her) natural habitat: caring for young; tidying up; daydreaming; looking after a clutch of eggs, and popping down to the fern patch every once in a while for a spot of grazing.

Set Includes:

  • Mummy Stegosaurus
  • Fern patch with assorted wildlife
  • 3 yellow Stegosaurus eggs

4 Years +

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