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Osborne Park (08) 9242 2003

Velociraptor Attack


Playmobil Velociraptor Attack 5233. Despite some superficial similarities in appearance, in turns out that the Deinonychus and the Velociraptor were not the best of friends.

The set features a medium-sized Velociraptor and three small Deinonychuses. Also featured is an explorer in a fetching ensemble of cargo pants, a camouflage shirt and a yellow vest. She carries a laser gun, which is probably a good thing to carry when you're snooping about in the bushes spying on Velociraptors.

The locus of action in this set is a hollow tree stump, draped in flowers and vines. This stump serves as the Deinonychus nest, contains two eggs, and is what the Velociraptor is trying to break into.

Set includes:

  • A total of four dinosaurs
  • Eggs! Bones! Vines and stuff! A snake!
  • Hollow tree stump / Deinonychus nest


4 Years +

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