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Wind Powered Landsailer


Set your sails and see this landsailer zip away! Landsailer is a sleek model land yacht. Put it together, catch some wind and watch it sail away at amazing speeds. At the same time you'll learn and explore the physics behind wind-powered land transportation and conduct speed-based experiments. This landsailer is a scaled down version of a real landsailer or yacht. It works even in a gentle breeze.

Kit Contents

  • Body, long axle and short axle.
  • 2 x Rear wheels and rear axle support.
  • Mast base and mast connector (long rod).
  • Front wheel support and mast stop (short rod).
  • Boom, top spar and main sail.
  • Bundle of string, screws and metal eyelets.
  • Detailed instruction booklet with images and fun facts.

8 Years +

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