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Zoob - Car Designer Kit

The ZOOBMobile™ Car Designer Kit features 88 ZOOB pieces plus 12 wheels and tyres, and instructions for 13 vehicles, including special jumbo vehicles with wheels that work like gears. And because ZOOB pieces snap together so many ways, kids can design and build up to 3 vehicles at once, then take them apart and rebuild them again and again. Build a Zoob Mobile Racer, Supersonic Stinger, Lunar Rover, a Mach-5, ZOOB Buggy, Speed Runner, a Tri-Sonic Cruiser, Moon Unit Raker, a Zoobster and lots more! Also includes 4 bonus jumbo vehicles: Outback Cruiser, Gear Getter, ZOOB Duster and an amazing 12-Wheeler Flatbed!

• Create then play building system
• Durable, high quality construction
• 5 pieces snap together 20 different ways
• Fast to learn, easy to use!
• Great for Girls and boys!

• 88 Zoob Pieces
• 12 Wheels with Axles
• 12 Rubber Tyres
• Complete Instructions for 13 Models

    6 Years +