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Zuru - My Magical Seahorse

Zuru My Magical Seahorse is water activiated swimming seahorse perfect for the pool or bath.

Real seahorses have a unique way of swimming through the water which makes them fascinating to watch, the folks at Zuru have recreated this movement with the Zuru My Magical Seahorse.

Features :

  • Kids will love watching their Zuru My Magical Seahorse  swim through the water just like real seahorse.
  • The Zuru Seahorse is water activated, so to start play just fill your large bowl or fish tank with water and pop your seahorse in to see her swim. The Zuru My Magical Seahorse will swim in the pool and in the bath too.
  • The Zuru Robo Seahorses are powered by button batteries which have a power saving mode, to wake up your seahorse just tap on the tank you are using and she will start swimming again.
  • The Zuru My Magical Seahorse has 3 characters - Ava who has purple hair, Coral who has red hair and Jewel who has blonde hair - pick your favourite and start playing.
  • The Zuru My Magical Seahorse includes 1 swimming sea horse and 2 button batteries.


Each Sold Separately 


3 Years +