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For children, playtime isn’t just a fun time. It’s also an invaluable way to learn and develop skills as they grow. Even from infancy, children develop a sense of who they are and their view of the world by taking in their surroundings and playing with their toys. From an early age, educational toys help children to develop important life skills such as conflict resolution, problem solving skills, cause and effect, and fine and gross motor skills. What’s more, educational toys help kids to nurture their creativity and imagination, too. Because of this, it’s very important to introduce educational toys for play at an early age, and to keep on top of a child’s development by providing age-appropriate toys that help encourage their skills and understanding of the world around them.
No matter your child’s developmental stage, they can benefit from educational toys. From 1-12 months old, look for toys that encourage sensory play, and toys that encourage interaction that helps develop hand-eye coordination. Toys at this age can also help to build children’s confidence by increasing their understanding of how a toy works, after some guidance and trial and error. It’s also a great idea to get Australia educational toys that get young kids moving, developing their motor skills as they grow older.

At 12-24 months, educational toys Australia, that compliment your young one’s new mobility is very important. Introduce toys that help develop balance and coordination, especially as they are learning to walk by themselves. Language development can also begin at this stage, and introducing themed playsets can help them to associate sounds, names, and things as they play. 

At 2 years and above, children get more active, and can develop advanced cognitive skills. Toys such as tricycles, or toys that help children practice writing and fine motor skills can help your child develop name recognition and literacy skills. Promote physical play and cognitive skill building with the kid’s toys that you introduce, to ensure that playtime is not only fun but also educational, too.

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