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Playmobil Toys & Sets

Experts say that imagination should be cultivated from a very young age. Children have an immense affinity for imaginative play that not only becomes the foundation of a strong skill in creativity as they continue to grow but also gives them a beautiful perspective on the world around them. Playmobil toys are one of the world’s most popular toymakers and for good reason! Each Playmobil toy is created with the goal of encouraging imagination and creativity in every child, which is ideal for their development during times of play.

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Children are challenged to create each set, in different worlds and themes, such as Pirates, Country, Princess, City Action, Dinos, Police Stations, Zoos, Farms, and many, many, more, ensuring fine motor skills are developing as they go. Once they have built up their own miniature world, watch and marvel as your child brings it to life with nothing but their imagination and their excitement! All they need are the proper tools and encouragement to let their imagination soar!

Each set provides hours of play, and its versatility ensures that it does not get old and boring for children over time, so they can keep coming back to the world that they have created, making new stories and doing new things that keep them excited and coming back for more, day by day.

Not only that, but this type of Kids toys gives parents and adults the opportunity to play with kids, helping them encourage their own imagination too, and making unforgettable memories and strong bonds with each child. Children will be eager to play with those around them, and it will be a joy witnessing where their imagination will take them, so come along for the ride! 

Aside from this, ensuring that children have toys that encourage creativity, as well as toys that are a vehicle towards imaginative play, not only sets the foundation for innovative minds, but also kids who are raised with compassion and empathy for others, as well as an open-minded perspective that will benefit them as they grow to be adults in the world today. As such, it is extremely easy to see why Playmobil is a favourite with children of all ages, and adults alike, too!

The best part is that, no matter what your child is passionate about, there is bound to be something in the Playmobil line that will inspire their passions further.

The Play Room offers a wide range of Playmobil for Australia, so every Aussie kid can have the opportunity for versatile, imaginative play no matter their interests or passions. Take a look at our range of Playmobil toys online, and pick and choose from a variety of sets that will make your child’s imagination grow by leaps and bounds, while giving you a great opportunity to play together and bond. Our full range is available in-store, as well as online, so you are sure to find the perfect match for you and your child!
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