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For kids all over the world, playing is instrumental to learning. Throughout the years, child development experts have underlined the importance of well-constructed toys for play to help healthy development of motor, empathy, and social skills, which emphasises the importance of choosing the right toys for your child, so they can grow into well-adjusted, happy adults. And when it comes to well-made toys built with a focus on encouraging fun and learning, you can’t go wrong with Hape toys!


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Hape toys are the world’s largest producer of wooden toys. With a focus on meeting safety and quality standards, there is a large push in ensuring that each toy is not only creatively designed, but is also eco-friendly. Hape uses sustainable materials such as bamboo and ensures that plastic parts used in toys produced are durable to last for the years to come, ensuring less plastic waste and encouraging customers to pass down their well-loved Hape toys online to the next child. Children are the future, after all, and it’s important to ensure that we are aware of our environmental footprint so that they too can enjoy everything that life has to offer in the years to come.

And it’s not just sustainability that Hape toys boast. With a wide range of kid’s toys, you’ll be sure to see the perfect fit for your child’s needs and interests. From bath toys to dollhouses, early learning toys, and even construction toys, you’ll find that there’s a Hape toy for every child, regardless of their learning stage. Each toy will provide hours of laughter and play, while slowly helping your child learn more about the world, and the people around them, which is the key to children developing their skills properly as they grow over the years.

If you’re after innovative toys that maximise learning and play, but you’re also concerned about the environmental impact of purchasing toys for your child, Hape provides a great option for sustainable, natural toys that don’t compromise on quality and development. With a high focus on responsible ecology and environmental practice, you can rest assured that your toys will be well-made, with earth-friendly materials, and minimal plastic waste.

What’s more, with The Play Room, you’ll find a wide range of Hape toys for Australia, so there’s no doubt that you’ll find the perfect toy for your child’s needs, no matter their age. Each Hape toy is meticulously designed for every child’s enjoyment and learning, boosting imagination skills and amping up your kid’s education to the next level. And because each toy is well-constructed and made to ensure that neither culture, language, or gender can stop a child from learning through play, you can be sure that whatever you pick from the Hape range, your child will benefit from the innovative design, global thinking, and environmental respect, that Hape toys embody. Kids toys Australia represents the next generation of play, so look below and be amazed at the wide range available for every child, no matter their age.

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