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Looking for realistic and adorable ethically-made toys for your children? Le Toy Van is a well-loved toy brand that started in 1995, producing beautiful toys that are designed to encourage and develop young kids’ senses and learning. Each toy is developed by in-house creatives with a focus on imaginative and traditional wooden toys marked with a French flair. From castles to dollhouses, kitchen playsets to pirate ships, each Le Toy Van toy is created to bring multiple learning dimensions to each child’s play experience, with different weights, shapes, sizes, and textures that are excellent for kids’ learning development.
Each toy is designed with kids’ learning and enjoyment in mind. After all, toys are only as fun as kids can make them to be! So at each stage of the design process, kids big and small have a say on what they like: what’s fun, and what’s not. So you know that by the time your child has a Le Toy Van toys in their hands, it’s been playtested by kids to make sure it’s not only fun, but can also withstand the rigours of regular play for the years to come.
And if you’re wanting to encourage and inspire long-term imaginative play, you’ll love Le Toy Van products. With a focus on ethical manufacturing, each toy is made from sustainable, tactile rubberwood, and handmade only at certified ethical factories. These toy making processes are put in place so you know that your child’s new beloved toy is sustainably and ethically made. 
Not only that, but because of Le Toy Van’s commitment to environmentally-friendly practices, you can rest assured that local farmers and their communities will be supported, and there are real efforts being made to replant and replace wood that is being used for these beautifully-made toys. You’ll be investing in well-made toys made from natural materials, and supporting a toy making process that keeps the environment and the earth a priority for the generations to come.  What’s more, wooden toys are biodegradable, and if you take good care of them, it’s definitely a family heirloom in the making.
Worried about harmful toxins in your child’s toys? Our products are rigorously tested and found to regularly exceed toy safety standards from all over the world. From safe, non-toxic paint, kid safe edges, and natural materials such as wood and fabric, these kid’s toys are constructed with safety in mind, and are easy to clean by wiping them down, too. So you can rest assured that each toy is safe to play with for the years to come, which means you can focus more on helping your child develop their imagination with these beautifully-made toys, and watching their creativity grow each time.
Help encourage your child’s learning through imaginative play and look through our wide range of products here at The Play Room. No matter your child’s interests, whether it’s pirates, cute animals, dollhouses, cooking sets, and more, you’ll be sure to find a perfect fit with our Le Toy Van Australia range.