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The Play Room stocks the largest range of Our Generation Dolls and Accessories in Australia.

Our Generation is a world and lifestyle with endless options. Collect dolls, clothes, accessories books and more!!!

Help create endless fun during your child’s playtime with Our Generation Dolls! With a wide range of dolls, books, and accessories on offer, Our Generation Dolls Australia was created to inspire kids to forge their own stories and narratives of extraordinary generations that they can relate to and empathise with. Not just a toy range, OG Dolls were crafted with the idea of creating kids toys that remind kids of themselves and their generation, of their friends and the girls and boys that they see in schools or in their community.

With large, gorgeous dolls that have poseable arms and legs, you’ll find that your child will love building and creating their own OG Dolls scenarios with our versatile and multifaceted accessories such as doll houses, vehicles, horses, and even pets. Our Generation Dolls are 18 inches tall, and provide hours of play. With loads of different outfits to choose from, help your child develop their imagination and storytelling skills by providing them with their new favourite dolls.

Your child will love playing with Our Generation Dolls such as the Noelle doll, Mienna doll, Martha doll, and many more. With a range of vehicles to choose from, such as the Off Roader Car 4x4, or the Retro Cruiser Light Pink, and loads of activities and outfits to boost playtime, there’s never a dull moment when you’re playing with Our Generation Dolls and accessories.

The Play Room boasts one of Australia’s widest ranges of Our Generation Dolls, so take a look at our catalogue for your child’s next well-loved doll. There’s no doubt that you’ll find the perfect OG Doll for your child to help them develop their imagination skills and understanding of the world around them. And because of the high quality materials that these gorgeous dolls are made of, you can be sure that your child will not only enjoy extended learning and play, but they will also benefit from the environmentally-conscious production practices and creative designs that OG Dolls embody. Look through our catalogue and grab your child’s very own Our Generation Dolls in Perth today!