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Nowadays, it’s extremely important to give kids lots of opportunities to get up and play. While it can be extremely easy to let children sit and play on smartphones or tablets the entire day to keep them occupied, it’s also not advisable for their physical development to do so. Leading child experts have impressed on parent's time and again that while screen time is one of the ways for kids to develop skills as they grow, it’s just as important to provide ways for children to get up, move around, and have fun doing it. Fine motor skills are only developed if a kid is moving around and playing, after all, and it’s these skills that are extremely important as they grow up and start going to school.

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Radio Flyer toys answer every parent’s question of “how do I encourage my kids to be more active?” by producing stylish, functional tricycles, scooters, bicycles, and wagons, which provide hours upon hours of imaginative play for every child, while also building up their motor skills and setting them up for a love of an active lifestyle. 

Each Radio Flyer toy is built with stability and durability in mind. After all, parents need to know that their kids are riding on bicycles and scooters that are well-constructed and safe for long periods of play. With durable steel spoked wheels, real rubber Traction Tread™ tires that hug the road, chrome handlebars and fenders, and lightweight steel frames, your child will love riding around for hours on end. With adjustable seats, you can also ensure that your Radio Flyer grows with your child, too.

Perhaps one of the best childhood memories that we hold onto is the memory of a parent or a sibling teaching us how to ride a bicycle. Whether it’s a parent, or an older brother or sister, with Radio Flyer bicycles, you too can bond with your child as you teach them how to ride a bike, no matter their age.

Looking for an option for your toddler? Our Classic Red 10" Tricycle with Push Handle ensures that your child becomes accustomed to riding while still having a push handle for you to guide them. Our Glide & Go Balance bike, on the other hand, helps kids learn how to balance and gain confidence in riding without having to worry about pedalling - instead, this effective way of learning how to ride a bike helps not only to eliminate the fear of falling, but is also suitable for kids as young as 2 years old. If that’s not up to your child’s style, we also offer stylish scooters such as the EZ Glider 3-Wheel Scooter, that helps your kid safely zip around and have the time of their life, wherever, whenever.
Look on for our range of Radio Flyer products here at The Play Room, and start your child on the journey to active play, and a love for an active lifestyle. Both you and your child will definitely love it!
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