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Since 1985, the Sylvanian Families toy range has charmed hearts from all over the world. Based on three simple, yet effective concepts of Nature, Family, and Love, this collection of kid's toys provides individual creativity and endless imagination through pretend play for every child. Sylvanian Families toys Australia are developed to help children acquire key social skills as they play in the idyllic world of Sylvania. 
These adorable animal figures live in charming, and beautifully detailed homes, filled with beautiful furniture and accessories that help children to power their play and create their own stories. The adorable animal figures that children play with not only provide a way for children to explore the power of their imagination, they also learn how to care and share with one another by playing in family and friendship settings.

Kids will love the Sylvanian Families Playhouses, set in Sylvanian village, a world of nature and wonder. Each playhouse contains everything that a family needs to live in comfort, giving every child the perfect tools to explore different play patterns, different activities, and create their own stories. 

With detailed houses, shops, furniture, and accessories, kids and adults alike will love the nostalgic look and feel to Sylvanian Families toys. Each adorable animal figure is created with a sweet, unique expression, with a warm look that helps children relate and empathise with each figure. From the silk cat family, bunnies, to chiffon dog family, the differences in the dolls not only provides a dynamic playtime, it also gives children an understanding of the differences of people in the world around them, and how they are all still relatable, and tangible, even if they look different from one another.

And with many different aspects that can appeal to a wide range of children, there’s no limits to play, meaning that children are free to create their own stories, whether it’s playing doll, redecorating the homes as they please, or changing outfits day in and day out.

At The Play Room, we offer over 100 Sylvanian Families toys for Australia, helping to power every child’s play. Our range of intricately designed dollhouses, animal figures, furniture, and accessories are the perfect way to help your child develop essential social skills, such as empathy, sharing, and caring about others. Look at our wide range of Sylvanian Families products and find the perfect match for your child, whether it’s their first Sylvanian Families toy, or to add to their growing collection