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Micro Scooters - Adult


Maybe you've seen how much fun your kids are having on their micro scooters and you want some of the action?

Or maybe you want a fast, safeand fun way to commute from A to B?

We've got the answer - introducing thefastest kick scooter in the micro  scooter range - the micro Black scooter.

The larger high quality polyurethane wheels mean maximum speed, minimum effort,enabling you to keep up with the kids or simply commute quickly and safelyon the safest place to travel - the pavement.

The lower deck enables acomfortable ride by eliminating the need to lean when kicking.

The sleek,sophisticated look means you will feel at ease amongst fellow commuters.

Whether commuting on your own, or sharing some of the fun with your kids,you won't find a faster, smoother or safer ride.

5 Years +

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