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Easy Read Time Teacher

Easy Read - Wall Clock - 24hr - Red/Blue

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his Red Blue 12 & 24 Hour Wall Clock, used with our simple 2-step teaching system, leads your child through the process of learning to tell the time, expressed as 12 or 24-hour time.  This is the world-wide method of telling the time, commonly used for transport timetables, e.g.1:52.  The hands on the clock point directly to the numbers your child should read.  The 12 and 24 hour numbers are displayed and the clock comes with detailed instructions on the 2-step teaching system.
Working battery-operated wall clock with very clear dial that carries all the information children need to learn to tell the time.
Supplied with a simple 2-step teaching system that helps children learn to tell the time in 12 and 24-hour format.  This is the method commonly used for transport timetables, e.g. 1:52 or 13:52.
Silent, no ticking, with ‘sweep’ second hand, showing that time is constant and not stop start.
Attractive, colourful, has unisex appeal and looks good in any room.
Helps children understand the connection between analogue clocks and the digital clock.