Lil Woodzeez - Family - Quickquack Ducks

Lil Woodzeez - Family - Quickquack Ducks

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Ahoy! Time to join the brave QuickquackTM Duck Family on their boat!

These 4 cute animals are fun toys to play with: there is Quincy the father, Cappy the mother and their little ducklings Kelly and Kenny. Touch them, their fluff is so soft! All the miniature toys are yellow with an orange beak and they wear beautiful, bright colored clothes. It’s an exciting day for the whole family: it’s almost the opening day for their Boat Tours! They love to go on a cruise, discover nature and want to spend time with their woodland friends on their family boat.

The duck children are restless and tell all their friends about it! However, they realize that their cat neighbors Wally and Dixie Whiskerelli are afraid of water and don’t want to go on the boat. With the help of the other woodland creatures, Kelly and Kenny will try their best to show that it is always great to try new things to fight your fears!


    1 mother, 1 father, 1 daughter, 1 baby, 

    3 Years + 

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    Jill Hart
    Soiled product

    One of the ducks in particular was marked with a dirty smudge of something. Not sure what. My daughter was excited to finally have the Quickquack duck family that she didn’t notice they were a bit soiled. They took so long to arrive with Covid delays that I kept them.

    Describes the item

    Lovely little family. Well made and fits in well with other animal family. Children should have fun with duck family in their little town


    My son who has Autism, loves to pretend play with the duck family and the classroom and playground playset. It is helping with his communication and gives him a lot of joy. Thank you.