Lil Woodzeez - Honeysuckle Camper

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Buckle in because you’re going for the ride of your life.

Pack your bags and buckle in because you’re going on vacation in your new Li’l Woodzeez Happy Camper, and your favorite Li’l Woodzeez friends are all invited! You’ll definitely be the envy of everyone spending their summer in a critter cottage as you roll through the Hollow in your brand-new camper. Honeysuckle Hollow’s finest and most fun spots await you and your favorite furry critter toys with this super cute camper. And with your camper attached to your stylish new car, you’ll be arriving at your vacation destination on time and ready to dazzle!

This camper opens up to make plenty of space for luggage and food so that you can get all the treats that you want at Honeysuckle Sweets & Treats (available separately) on the way. Don’t worry about accidents; the Li’l Woodzeez Happy Camper comes prepared for any roadside help needed with a spare tire attached to the back. Feeling hungry before dinner? Dig into your favorite snack, while kicking back on one of the armchairs in your Happy Camper. Ready for dinner? There are more than enough dishes to plan a summer feast for you and all of your pals. Did you eat too much and now you’re feeling sleepy? Go ahead and fold that armchair into a bed! This camper also comes with a cute set of matching pink-patterned curtains so you can sleep off all that tasty food without being interrupted by an early morning sunrise.


Included: 1 car, 1 camper, 1 spare tyre, 1 luggage, 1 table, 1 double size sofa bed, 2 armchairs convertible into single beds, 1 foldable sofa mat, 2 foldable armchair mats, 2 large cushions, 2 small cushions, 1 dish rack, 1 pot & 1 lid, 1 pan, 2 milk bottles, 1 large bowl, 4 large plates, 2 large cans, 1 small can, 1 honey jar, 1 peanut butter jar, 1 chocolate spread, 2 jam jars, 3 loaves of bread, 3 apples. (Characters shown sold separately)

3 Years +