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O'Connor (08) 9331 8004
Osborne Park (08) 9242 2003

Mechanical Turntable


Does the array of accessories and attachments for the BRIO Wooden Railway have your head spinning round and round? Well, we've got just the thing to let your hands keep up with your head: the railroad track Turntable from the Swedish toymaker. With the tweak of a knob, little hands can rotate the circular section of trademark grooved track to redirect BRIO vehicles to any of the six rail lines connecting to the Turntable using additional wooden track. For anyone whose BRIO Railway layout is starting to expand octopus-style, this wood and plastic component will help them join most of the arms very neatly.

  • 5.5x5.5
  • works with any BRIO track


Years 3 +

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