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Wikki Stix - Alphabet Card Set


Wikki Stix are a perfect mistake-free, reusable craft material for young crafters. Wikki Stix are easy to remove and re-use and there is no mess or residue! Does a craft material get any better? Even the grown-ups will love them...

The Wikki Stix Alphabet Card Set is hands-on learning that's easy, educational and fun - a perfect teaching tool! It contains colourful individual cards for learning letter formation with Wikki Stix. Ideal for interactive and tactile early learning. If writing is a bit too difficult these cards are a fun way to have a child learn the shapes of letters, both upper and lower case, while learning the sound that goes with each letter thorugh the creative Wikki illustrations on each card, which just add to the fun!

The Wikki Stix Alhabet Card Set includes 36 Wikki Stix and alphabet cards for all 26 letters.

3 Years +
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